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Technical Remote Support

What is it?

Remote technical support alllows the end user to give access to there system (IE Computer, Laptop or Technology Device) to address issues and end user is having. Common issues are virus, malware, spyware and adware.

  • Servers: Windows NT4.0 to Server 2023
  • Workstations: Windows 3.1 to Windows 12
  • Networks: Wired, Wireless and Cellular Data
  • Technology Devices: Cellular Data Phones, Cellular Data Tablets and Sat Data.
  • Trouble shooting: Virus, OS issue, hardware issue.
  • Security: PC, Laptops, Cellular Phones, Cellular Tablets
  • Software: Virus Attachs, Advertising pop up's
  • Hardware: Hard drive, Audio, Memory and Mother board.

We do offer other services as well though C4Comptuers, We have a network design department that helps with your new network at home, home business or workplace. Also we have a WebDesign department that works close with our community to help get information and small business started. We also support our local vets as well as the partners they have as much as we can. Making sure our people who have served is being taken care of.

Remote calls Per Day

Infections issues per day

Network Support calls per day

New Clients per day


Trouble shooting 100%
Issues Resolved Remotely 95%
Issues Resolved On Site 100%
Virus Issues 95%
Fake or "Fishing" Email Infections 90%
Loss of Data (End User) 95%


Technical Support

Network Support

Remote & Onsite Support


Technology Support Wiki

Network Design

Community Business Support

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Bulldog Security

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We are veterans with the sole purpose of helping other veterans, check out more at

Sacred Oath

Supporter of Vets in Nebraska.


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Our Services


Remote Tech Support

Remote support is where a technician and an end user connects to work on issues or concern an end user has with there device.

Network Support

Supports any questions or concerns you have about your network and its security.


Is here for you to get your company's website up, going and secured.

Cloud Storage

Is created to have backup's of files/foldes and documents on the web.


Is to be able to access media like music, music videos and movies.


is setup to be able to access company web information when on the company network.


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